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Sewing cute outfits for kids is a relaxing and rewarding hobby. Not only that it helps free your mind from all your daily worries, you could also be sure that all your efforts will never go to waste since young kids are naturally appreciative in whatever you give them.

When you sew clothes for kids, there will be a lot of considerations you should look out for compared to making clothes for adults. Kids move and behave a lot different from grown-ups and sometimes they are still a bit sensitive on some clothing embellishments.

If you’re planning to make clothes for kids, here are some of the considerations that could help you become better in making kids clothing.


The first essential factor that you should consider when sewing kids’ clothes is comfort. Basically, you’ll need to look for fabrics that are breathable and also absorbent to keep kids comfortable throughout the day. Children are more active than adults – they run and play around almost all the time. You’ll need to make clothes that could endure this kind of activity without making the child uncomfortable in the long run. Cotton fabric is at top of the list for the best fabric for kids.

For pants, shorts, and overalls, soft denim or corduroy is a great choice. Cotton blends are perfect for kid’s party wear or dresses since they don’t wrinkle quick and is also comfortable to wear for longer periods. As much as possible, avoid fabrics like rayon, nylon and polyester since they can be uncomfortable against the skin and could even cause rashes or chafing for some. Aside from that, kids’ clothes are better off free from too much embellishments since it could pose a choking hazard for younger ones.


Once you got the right fabric, the next thing you need to consider is the design of the outfit. As a dressmaker, it’s so tempting to sew the designs that you want. However, not all designs that look good for adults are nice for kids. You have to choose designs that are not constricting and won’t bother their movements as they play and run around. If you’re looking for nice designs for your first project, here are some great kids clothing patterns that are easy to understand and follow.

Easy to Clean/Wash

Kids change clothes a lot of times each day because it gets easily soiled or wet with sweat as they play. You’ll need clothes that can be easily tossed into the laundry and is durable enough to withstand frequent washings. Kids clothes made from fabrics that aren’t good for frequent washes such as velvet look really great but expect that it won’t be used a lot or it will just be destroyed after a few washes.

To be sure that the outfits you’re going to sew will be used to the fullest, be sure to take those factors into consideration when sewing clothes for kids. You can be sure that the finished product won’t go to waste.


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