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Interior designing is the science of how to effectively and aesthetically decorate and remodel a space. According to the vision of the client and also the shortcomings of a space an interior designer will decide what needs to be changed. If you are a creative person, you will have a great eye for interior designing. If you wish to renovate a space, but cannot afford the services of an interior designer, you can choose to do it on your own.

Modern Vs Antique Look

Depending on your outlook of the world you can choose what kind of vibe you like your space to have. Whether you prefer a modern look keeping up with the trends of the present age or an antique look which is timeless. This choice depends on you. As you will be the one to use up the space, you have the luxury to make the choice. Things like AAA glass can bring out the look of modernism in your space while carpet wall hangers and antique ornaments would bring out a more traditional look. Have a look at examples on the internet and decide which one you would prefer the most.

Start From The Bottom And Move Up

It is always a good idea to start designing from the floors of the space. You might have to choose between tiles or wooden floors. Then you might have to consider the colour of the walls. Do not go and buy a paint that you think would look nice straight away. Rather take samples and try it on the walls. Consider whether it matches your vision and is able to create a pleasant environment. Then you can purchase a full bucket of the paint and paint it away. According to the colour of your floor and walls, now you can pick the furniture. Make it a mix of both high and low branded articles to make it more budget friendly.

Be Mindful About The Size Of The Space

If the space you are designing is small, then you would want to make it look bigger. In that case choose light colours for the walls. Have some windows to let light in. Have a mirror to give the illusion of more space. Choose furniture that is not too large. And always remember less is more when decorating such a room. So get rid of all pieces of furniture that are not essential in that space. But if the space is too large and you want to make it more cozy, choose darker colours for the walls, hang art pieces on the walls, pick larger furniture and have carpets or rugs on the floor.

Designing a space on your own can be a daunting task especially if you have no experience of it. But nowadays there are so many sources that help you to design a room on your own. You can find information online, in magazines and also in shops like ikea simply by walking through it. So do a lot of research before you set on this task. Also remember to visit thrift shops, second hand furniture shops and other online shops to get products for the best value and also to collect some unique articles for your space.


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