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Starting a business is a huge task and running it successfully is a challenge. It can seem daunting to some. The success in the business comes down to proper planning and execution and the strength to face difficulties and mindset to constantly improve.

Only starting up a business is not enough. You will have to keep making changes and come up with techniques to bring up your business.

Analyse your marketing

You don’t have to measure everything only the ones that you are investing a lot of time and money. See how the sales are going and analyse what is improving its sales and what is not. Research how people find out about you. You can use some application that can track the website traffic.

Do not be stagnant

Keep setting goals for your business and design a plan on how you are going to realize it. Try to advertise your business and increase website traffic, more people who visit your website the more your sales are going to be.

Modify your sales funnel

Sales funnel is the process how a company leads the buyer to the product. This refers to the way the company find and sells their product to the customer.

You have to first analyse your customer; how do you capture their attention. The sales funnel is made of four stages

First being awareness, this is how a customer gets introduced to your business this may be through some social media links, next is interest, the customer starts to become interested in what you offer and they do their research and are thinking over their option. Then it’s the decision stage where the customer has compared and is ready to make the purchase and the last stage called action is when the customer makes the move to buy the product.

Consider your infrastructure

A nice place gives a very good impression. A buyer tends to judge the quality of your product and services by looking at the appearance of the place. Try to bring in a more attractive interior, with maybe changing the wall colour, adding new furniture.

If you are working from home you can consider getting an office. This way you can be in a more focused and goal-oriented environment. Home can be distracting not providing an ideal situation for you to develop or come up with new ideas. You can consider a shared office space because they are more cost saving.


Be ready to receive feedback and criticism, give out surveys to your customers and analyse their response, see what you can improve and try to bring about that change and if they are satisfied with certain products or services then keep providing that.

Keep your customers close

You may have observed certain customers who are loyal to your business, keep them close and strengthen your relationship with them by giving them benefits like certain discounts or gifts during the festival.

Social media

Use a social media platform to advertise your business.


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