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You might start to notice that cars from Japan are populating your streets and you begin to wonder whether you should also hop in the trend and see what is so great about these cars that almost everyone you know is driving them. When it comes to reliability, practicality and affordability, Japanese cars have an edge over their western competition. But before you do start thinking about importing a car, follow the below tips and tricks to simplify the whole process and you feel less overwhelmed.

Research About the Car’s Price

Thanks to the internet, it is easier for you to do your research on the price of the car that you like. Doing your research beforehand would ensure that if you started talking to people who could help you with importing your car, you would not be conned into paying a higher price.

Similar to other industries, numerous people would try deceiving and defrauding those who did not do their research beforehand. The price of the car is not the only cost that you have to factor in since import fees and conversion rates should also be considered. For more details about the costs of importing a car, find all the information you need here.

Test Drive

Deciding what your dream car is means you already know the make and model inside and out. You like this car not only because it looks on the outside but probably because you know the engine and the machine would ensure a smooth ride. But test driving is a part of the car buying process which might be difficult if you are importing the car from Japan.

For the experience of test driving, you could check if the model is available locally. If it is, you could ask for a test drive or even check whether the price is more affordable if you buy it locally than have it imported. But if the model that you want is not available in your home country and you could not drive it, you could read about the reviews of past buyers online. 

Start with The Documentation Early On

Since you are importing a car overseas, there would be tons of paperwork and documentation involved and if you are not a fan of bureaucracy or filling in all the required documents, start early because you might be overwhelmed later on.

You also have to consider that some documents have a deadline and must be submitted on a given date. Some original documents might also be required to be couriered to the exporter or vice versa. There also might be unexpected hiccups that might delay your purchase so starting early on could help avoid these delays. Once you start with the documentation, it would also be easy for you to see whether there are requirements that you still don’t have and you could prepare them sooner.

When you start with the process, you might feel in over your head that you might decide to just abandon the idea of importing a car. This should not hinder you especially if what you are purchasing is the car of your dreams.


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