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Organizing a party is a lot of fun and exciting. But there are one hundred and one things that need to be prepared beforehand. If this is your first time organizing a party, don’t be overwhelmed or don’t fret because organizing a party for someone you care about is one of the ways you could show how much you love them.

To not be shocked by all the things you need to organize before the big day, it is recommended that you make a list and to remember and decide on the following to make the celebration one of the most important memories of your life.


If you are planning a children’s birthday party, a theme of what the kid loves would score you some hefty brownie points. If the kid is fond of dinosaurs, prepare a Jurassic Park themed party or if the child loves princesses, a Disney princess themed party would be appreciated.

For adult birthday parties, you could also go as low key as just to having a colour scheme if the celebrant is not that much fan of themes or dressing up and just wants a casual birthday party. No matter how creative or imaginative you are with the party’s theme, the most important thing is you consider the preference of the celebrant.


The decorations must be in line with the theme. If the theme is 70’s, decorate the venue with a disco ball, strobe lights, metallic confetti and give everyone a peace medallion. If the theme is bohemian, decorate with dreamcatchers, flower crowns, teepees, and macramé curtains or if the theme is rustic, put up burlaps, wood coasters, and other natural materials. Cutleries also play a big role in the decorations. Make sure that your table cloths, plates, and napkins are in tune with the theme.

If you could not find any disposables that are appropriate with your theme, just make sure that their colours are not clashing with your theme. For example, if your theme is minimalist and you are just using one colour, don’t purchase disposables or cutleries in various colours. If you are pressed for time to decorate, you could hire professionals instead. For example, Decor it events are among the reliable and trusted events decorators.

Party Favours

Not all parties are giving away party favours but if you want your guests to have a remembrance or simple memento of your party, party favours are recommended. If your guests include children and adults, you have to remember that the party favour for adults would not work on children. One of the best ideas you could do as party favours for children are activities that would keep them entertained and which they could bring home after the party.

They would definitely be bored once the adults started talking and partying and might even urge their parents to leave the party early. To keep the little ones amused, let them have a party of their own. Give your young guests board games, playing cards and other toys that could serve as party favours.

When you are organizing a party, don’t forget to have fun. Sure, it’s a lot of work but once you see the happy faces of the celebrant and the guests, it would all be worth it.


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