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Due to a busy career, a lot of women nowadays are getting pregnant when they’re in the 30s. It’s not that they chose to get married and start a family on that age, but it’s the age where women are beginning to think about getting their relationship with their respective partners in a new stage. In reality, having a baby is a no joke because it is a big responsibility. Being a parent doesn’t stop in giving birth to the baby, but it is only just the beginning. That’s why you have to think things through before you decide if you want to get a baby in your 30s.

However, if you are already decided to get a baby on this age, here are some things you should avoid.

Poor Lifestyle

Poor lifestyle doesn’t mean living in poverty. It says that you’re not feeding your body healthy food and taking care of it like having proper sleep, a regular checkup with your doctor and OB-Gyne as well. If you’re planning on getting pregnant after 35, you have to ditch all of the bad habits you have in eating and drinking. Instead of stuffing yourself with sugary drinks and other junk foods, you better start embracing a healthy diet.

One of the recommended diets is to include organic in the menu. It could be a bit expensive but think about the pesticides you might ingest when you eat inorganic fruits and vegetables. It makes your chances to get pregnant low.

Exposure To Toxicity

One of the causes of infertility is the toxic environment and lifestyle that women are experiencing. Toxins are formed when a person is in constantly under pressure. It can build up unnoticed, and if it is ignored, this will cause serious reproductive problems.  This toxin is called xenoestrogens that copies estrogen, binds with receptors and send damaging signals.

Get Rid Of Vices And Avoid Caffeine Consumption

So if you want to conceive a baby in your 30s, there are natural ways that you can do. These are stopping any vices you have that include smoking, reducing alcohol and coffee intake. Other than this is that you should maintain your weight and avoid stress.

The reason why there’s a need in moderation on the lifestyle women got used to is that the body would need time to reach optimal for conceiving. It is believed that drinking coffee is one of the factors why there are low chances of conceiving and high chances of miscarriage.

Usually, women who are trying to get pregnant in their 30s were given hormonal work up to optimize the body’s ability to conceive. The progesterone, estrogen, thyroid hormones and others were checked continuously up to see if there are imbalances. To ensure that there’s a hormonal balance, primary organs that are responsible for producing healthy hormones should undergo cleansing and detox.

To determine that you can conceive, one of the indicators is a stable and predictable menstrual cycle of the woman. Since most women got used to birth control pills, it will take time for the body to regulate its hormones and recognize the pregnancy as not an invader.

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