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This interesting piece of equipment is not often the most used in a gym. By definition it is exactly what it says it is. It is a hamstring developer that targets your glutes and hamstring area however it is subjected to the common misconception that these are the only group of muscles it focuses on which is not the case.

The Glute hamstring developer also targets quads, calves and even the core area of your abdomen, so it is not to be underestimated in terms of its effectiveness. Too often it is found in a corner of your favourite gym unutilized and isolated from the more popular forms of equipment.

What are the benefits it brings?

This piece of equipment is primarily known as a muscle strengthening tool. The GHDS as it’s known in short is perfect to strengthen and develop a group of muscles that support the back of your body called the posterior chain. This group of muscles plays an important role in supporting your body and it would definitely be a good idea to put in some effort in developing this muscle group.

The glute hamstring developer is probably the most specialized form of equipment for the posterior chain in your body. 6 pack abs are a dream to achieve for any person in general, especially men, who want to get fit. And since this equipment also focuses on the core and abdomen of your body it will help you achieve goal of a ripped abdomen as well. In a way the hamstring developer is a multi-purpose type of equipment and is relatively easy to use with most of the exercises you do with it being self-explanatory. 

Not enough people pay attention to strengthening the mid-section of their body, it is ultimately the mid-section of your body that will determine how upright you will end up in your old age. Another benefit of the Glute hamstring developer is that it enhances your athletic ability or in other words kinaesthetic awareness which will help you in your progress when it comes to more rigorous forms of exercise.

Would it be a right investment for a gym?

It may seem like a less glamorous type of equipment but it is definitely an unsung hero in the fitness world. A good specimen maybe available in the market for an economical price of around $400 or so and is definitely worth the investment for a gym, especially one that looks to give all its members a well-rounded fitness workout. 

There are of course the variants such as the reverse Glue hamstring developer and of course the standard one. Either one could be chosen depending on the requirement. So yes, the next time you decide to skip this piece equipment in the gym thinking its intimidating, boring or even ineffective – think again! It applies simple body work to give you a much-needed workout to a very important muscle group in your body.


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