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Are you one of those people who has window blinds installed for all of your windows and doors instead of drapes?? Also, are they looking a little dusty and full of grime?? Have no worry at all, this article is about to provide you with everything you are required to know about cleaning any kind of window blinds. It is obvious that nobody wants to spend a ton of money and time cleaning these blinds, so all of the tips given below are cost effective and very effective in time management too, refer ahead for more;

Cleaning Aluminium Blinds

These are very easy to clean as they would require the use of a soft cloth either damped or not. Initially the cleaning process would require the blinds to be taken down from the window or door and be dusted off the excess dust which would slide out when tapped on the ground. After this, a damped soft cloth can be used to gently wipe the slate across and under to make sure all the dirt is removed from the blinds.

Cleaning Fabric Blinds

This category includes blinds such as Blinds City roman blinds, fabric blinds etc. If there is a possibility to wash the blinds it can be done, but it cannot be done through a machine as it may need to be done by hand instead. This kind of blinds can also be cleaned using a vacuum cleaner with a dust brush attachment. Fabric blinds or roman blinds are not required to be wet and cleaned essentially unless there are tough stains for which fabric cleaners can be sprayed on them, in such cases.

Cleaning Wooden Blinds

Wooden window blinds are usually manufactured with the use of treated wood causing them to repel all dust and dirt from getting accumulated on the slats. But if there are instances where the dust and grime is formed on such folds, there are ways to clean the wood using a slightly damped cloth, or with a wood friendly solution lightly sprayed on them. Avoid scrubbing or rubbing with rough items as it may damage the protective coating on the wooden blinds, leading to decay.

Cleaning Faux Wood

Cleaning faux wood is very similar to the cleaning routines of aluminium blinds and plastic blinds too. It does not require too much special care given. Using a damped cloth or a sock, it can be wiped clean of all dust and grime for it to be as good as new. In the case of very tough dirt, one part of vinegar and water of the same amount can be used to get rid of all tough grime stuck.

There we go, given above is everything that you need to know about cleaning and maintaining window blinds of different kinds and styles. Following the above routines can make sure that your window blinds remain clean and lasting for a long time. Therefore, I hope I have cleared all doubts on cleaning ALL of the blinds in your house even if they are very different to each other.

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