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Since the turn of the millennia people have seen drastic changes in weather patterns, some are minimal and other are extreme changes, too extreme that people cannot turn a blind eye on it anymore. A big reality has been slapped to the very face of humanity. That new reality basically says that we have made huge mistakes in terms of managing the resources of the whole world, and that because of those mistakes the earth is now asking for an overdue interest in terms of keeping it and preserving it.

This comes very true to both developing and first world countries. The developing countries has now stepped up the game to industrialize all parts of its sector and the huge price to pay for it would be the consumption of energy and the inefficient use of plastic products and deforestation of forests and widespread abuse of the natural resources present in a given area, all of these are done in the name of economic development.

Western countries are also found to be at fault in the conundrum because it was them who first ignited the fiery endeavour towards industrialization, mass production; and it was them who woke the insatiable greed for energy and power both in natural and nuclear type. Because of all these the world now has to be given chance to heal itself for about a century so that we won’t dry out our own beloved planet.

Here are some ways to save mother earth:

Recycle Plastics

Plastics are now chocking our ocean. Animals and other organism are dying en masse because of the plastic waste that we throw into the ocean. The best way to tackle the plastic problem is to reduce the use of single use plastic of any kind. Yes we cannot do away with it but at least we can compel our big corporations to reduce by starting it with ourselves by showing these big corporations that refill is much better option than having small sachets which would not be in any way reused not unless melted again.

Alternative Energy

One of the best ways to help mother earth is to turn to alternative energy usage. There are geothermal energy plants which produce clean efficient energy with so little a cost yet gives efficient and affordable power and energy. On the mainstream we have solar energy, today there are about a thousand commercial solar sites that are offering its facilities to aid the energy sector in the deficit in energy and also it might sound some alarm that it is pretty much costly in terms of its installation but the return of investments in terms of energy saving and cost discount in a long term will pretty much cover the whole cost of the installation.

Reuse Materials

Things that can be salvaged and or repaired can be used again so that it will not add up to the garbage that is building up elsewhere. Things that could be fixed that could still function if repaired can be of great help especially because fewer resources will then be spent for newer things.

All in all, it takes all of us, a combined effort and discipline, to save our great and good mother earth.

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