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Having a baby is a life-changing moment. It’s full of up and downs- many sleepless nights but also many wondrous days. If this is your first time expecting, you’re probably doing a lot of research on what to eat, how to prepare yourself for what’s to come. But in your haste to prepare yourself, don’t forget to prepare your home! Get your home baby proofed and have yourself a stack of baby accessories in preparation for the long months to come.


A baby’s skin is really sensitive. It’s up to ten times thinner than adult skin and thus, can be easily damaged so you’ve got to take care of it and give it a bit of special attention when it comes to the products you use. You’re going to need baby oil, baby soap and shampoo (go for the ones with the least amount of additives and fragrance that you can find) and cream. Worried about where to go to get the safest products? Worry not, Elle J will see to all your needs and more.

Teething Toys

A must for your baby’s teething period when his teeth first start to emerge. You’re going to want a teether around to counter and considerably lessen your baby’s pain as soon as his frustration begins to show.


If you want to avoid many a sleepless night staying up next to your child and trying to get him to sleep when he shows separation anxiety, have a comforter ready. You can also go for those with a toy attached. It’s a gradual process but when your baby gets restless and reaches out for the comforter, he will be reminded of you and be soothed into sleeping independently.


Besides from being a really adorable item of clothing to own, bibs also have a more practical use. It is usual for babies to be drooling, messy eaters or go through the process of ‘spitting up’ when they drink milk too fast. If you want to avoid changing your baby’s clothes or staining them every time he eats, you’ll want to use a bib that you can conveniently remove after meal times, sparing your child’s clothes.


Babies aren’t as efficient as controlling their body temperature as we are so they tend to lose heat. This happens mostly from their heads and feet so keeping these areas nice and warm is a priority. You can swaddle your baby up and use socks to prevent those tiny feet from losing heat, especially if the weather or living conditions call for it.


When you’re stuck in a balancing act between your baby and grocery bags is when you will develop a new found appreciation for prams. Investing in a pram will make your 24-hour routine much easier and some might even call this resourceful equipment a necessity- we agree.

This is a few necessities any family needs to stock up on when expecting a baby. They will make your life much easier so it really is worth your time to stay ahead of the game and get these items out of the way now itself.


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