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Have you looked inside your wardrobe recently? Do the clothes reflect who you are? Do you still wear that pair of denim jeans you bought a decade ago with a sweatshirt you love? Then it is time to change the way you look. Although clothing, makeup and jewellery like subjects are discussed more frequently by women, even males can consider a wardrobe upgrade anytime. However, at this moment it will be the ladies department we are delving into.

Reflections on Your Current Collection

Consider your current style. Do these clothes fit who you are now? Have you haphazardly bought just anything that you have laid your eyes on, and got attracted to? Do you have a lot of unmatched pairs simply because you just bought what you saw and liked? Does it feel like you can’t relate to what you wear anymore? Then sit down, take a piece of paper and a pen.

Write down two lists of what is in your wardrobe, one mentioning stuff you still love and wear because you feel like they represent who you are, and another which you haven’t worn, don’t like nor feel like they fit you anymore. You can sub categorize them according to season or type of clothing such as tops, bottoms, accessories and so on.

What Do You Want?

Now you can reflect on what you actually want to look like. What do you want other people to think when they see you? Even though a book must not be judged by its cover, especially in this day and age, people are adjudged by what they wear. It is also unavoidable that you will be evaluated on what you are wearing at the workplace.

Especially, if you are starting a job, stepping out into the employment world after completing college, the best thing is to go online and find out what sort of clothing fits a person of your profession. You don’t want to be seem too naive simply because you are starting off a career. On the other hand, you don’t want to be seen as too mature either. You can log into little blackbird website and look for some fitting clothes that will make you look like just the person you are.

What to Do with Your Current Collection?

Just because you are changing the look because of a life transformation, that doesn’t mean you’re going to throw away everything you have. But you will need to get an idea about what you have; probably put them on to see whether they still fit.

Remove whatever you are not wearing; you can give them out to charity. But if you still have some good pieces which you can exchange at a shop go ahead and do it. Once you are left with a pile of clothes which you like and wear regularly, ask yourself whether you’re going to continue wearing in this same line of fashion or what is the one change you would like to do? The answer to that question will lead you to choose the right clothes. Don’t forget to stock up on what looks good and what is best for you!


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