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Do you feel cramped up in your work cubicle? Do you feel that there is not enough space for people to move and walk around? Do you miss seeing your co-workers blocked by the gigantic cubicle walls? Well, you need not fret as a research study conducted revealed that workspaces can affect employees’ productivity and happiness. No wonder you hate your workspace – those small-sized cubicles, tall cubicle walls, and narrow aisles can really affect work. Undoubtedly, your workspace needs some renovations. To start off, consider the following advice in creating a well-designed workspace:


Bear in mind that your office is not similar to a bar. A well-lit office allows your employees to clearly see what they are working on. Although some might say that computers and laptops can provide sufficient lighting, the level of lighting can considerably diminish your employees’ productivity. Aside from the hazardous effects on the eyes, using dim lights can foster laziness and demotivation. However, bright lights can irritate your employees’ eyes. Hence, it is essential to strike a balance between the two. Employ the type of lighting suitable for you and your workers.

Flexible Layout

Traditional workspaces are often associated with stiff environment and small spaces. The rigid layouts of these workspaces only make your office stern, boring, and melancholy. It actually limits movements and interaction with your co-workers. That is why workspaces today are designed with flexible layouts that can reduce the sense of boredom and stiffness among employees. Not only that, it also reduces the levels of stress as your employees are free to roam around. In fact, this workspace trait is common among coworking space melbourne that has been a trend nowadays. Its flexible layout makes the workspace more engaging than the traditional ones.

Go Green

With the condensed structure and long hours in the office, people miss their chance of spending some time with the environment. Recent studies have shown that humans are biophilia. This means that there is an innate need for them to be with nature. A workplace induced with some greens can reduce employees’ stress and at the same time, improve their work performance. You can start off by literally bringing in pots of plants in your office. Large potted plants can be situated in the corners while the small ones can be placed on tabletops. If your office space allows it, you can also invest in small indoor gardens. Vertical gardens have long been popular in Mexico and Canada. Although it comes with certain costs, having one allows employees to take a short break and relaxation.

Paint Well

Although walls can seem minimal, they play a crucial role in uplifting the employees’ mood. Stop sticking to those dull walls. Add accents of cool colors such as green and blue to calm your employees’ senses. The shade of green aids in creative thinking and at the same time avoids eye fatigue. The shade of blue, on the other hand, can stabilize their nerves. Choose a cool and lively palette that you can incorporate in your workspace. However, be careful in selecting your colors as the wrong mixture can lead to eye irritation.

Business today has started exerting effort in renovating their workspaces. It may lead to some cost incurrence but undoubtedly, it will lead to great benefits for your workers and to your business.

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