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Life is incredibly unpredictable. Such an example of it is the year 2020. COVID-19 pandemic had drastically changed our lives. It had brought normal to a halt and created a new norm! Certain things one would have never thought about became a routine in their lives. Publics spent months in lockdown and curfews, thus-as a result, there was a complete shift in the cycle of daily lifestyle. 

Indeed, this pandemic got kids to school from home via online classes, and made employees adapt to the work from home system. However, numerous felt the negative impacts of this- causing business shutdowns and reduction in pay. Hence, many employees were left with no jobs in the end. 

Uncertainly, the lockdown had blossomed new opportunities for some, while some were limited to resources due to the circumstances. Most of the ones who lost jobs, groomed into doing small start-ups and side-hustles. 

The major trade that saw a hike in supplies was the crafting business. Many individuals made use of their free time- spared by the lockdown, to generate unique business ideas.

Hence, then with the support of existing sales channels and social media platforms- they started making a living.

If you are still contemplating on whether to go ahead with a personal business, then it is a yes! There are some wonderful reasons, as to, why you should. Below mentioned are a few of them.

Why should you start a business of your own?

Working for yourself is better than working for someone else

Undoubtedly, a job has its perks and cons. However, there is no certainty with it. For example, how many lost jobs in the pandemic. Therefore, owning a business under your name will give you the sole control of making the decisions. And also, you do not have to worry about losing it. 

Use your creativity to generate money

Sometimes what you do out of a hobby for crafting can actually make you earn some bucks. For example, you create woven rugs using a weaving loom Australia which has a great market for handmade goods. Just saying, in case you reside in the Aussies. Hence, you can sell your products and make an income. 

Stress Relieving

Many jobs can mentally exhaust you. It could be due to the workload and pressure, or the environment in the work station. There are several factors that affect one’s stress levels. Hence, you can forever get rid of it by doing a business of your own. 

Focus on your passion

Unquestionably, several employees let go of their passion and dreams to make a living, by doing a job they dislike. Thus, it only increases the work burden and stress level. Also, the job may not even relate to your higher studies sometimes- well making you feel like you entered a cell. Therefore, by doing something you enjoy, you set yourself free and allow it to explore the endless opportunities. Which, you could miss out on if you are confined to a job role.


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