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If you are dead set on hiring a singer for your wedding, there are numerous things you have to check before you decide which singer to hire. You have to be meticulous since the wedding singer could either make or break your ceremony and reception.

Once you have narrowed down your list to a couple of singers, compare their demo, social media channels, attitude and professionalism and price to determine which one is best suited to share your milestone and memorable event with you and your partner.

Listen to Their Demo

This is the first you should check especially if you have not yet heard them sing live. Most wedding singers have a nice singing voice but not all would have an effect on you that you want. If you tear up listening to their demos, chances are the same feeling would be evoked during your wedding.

When you listen to their demo though, make sure that their singing voice is the most prominent sound you hear instead of the sound being heavily manipulated with auto tune and or added sound effects. When you are looking for wedding singers Melbourne, find a way to hear them sing live even after you have listened to their demo. This is to make sure that they sing good live as they do in their demo.

Check Their Social Media Channels

When you check a wedding singer’s social media channel, you’d see how they interact with their past and future clients. You’d also have an idea of how they are based on the comments and reviews posted by the couples that hired them beforehand. It would be easier for you to have a good sense of how they provide amusement and enjoyment to the people they need to entertain.

Attitude and Professionalism

When you talk to them and you have an initial feeling of uneasiness, trust your gut. If you got an instant feeling that they are grateful you are inquiring about their services, it means that they value every client that comes their way.

Their attitude and professionalism are vital not only to you and how they deal with you but also to your guests on your wedding day. You have to remember that they would not only be dealing with you, they would also need to entertain your family and friends as your guests.


Price is also a big consideration especially if you are strict when it comes to your budget. There are other important aspects of your wedding that you need to splurge on although you should not skimp on your wedding singer since they would be in charge of making sure your guests are having a good time during the reception.

You’d be surprised that there are numerous exceptional wedding singers out there that are offering their services. You might be overwhelmed in choosing one that’s why this guideline could be of help to you to narrow down and limit your choices. Asking your family and friends for recommendations would not hurt either.

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