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Below, we’ll be discussing how to stay safe when working with a powder actuated tool. So, keep reading if you’re interested.

Stay Away From Fire

The tool is essentially a gun. Because of this, it causes sparks whenever you fire it. If you’re in a flammable environment, you’re at risk of something catching on fire.

Unfortunately, this isn’t the most dangerous thing that could happen. If you’re working near alcohol, kerosene or any other type of fuel, the sparks will cause an explosion that could possibly lead to your death.

Don’t Load It

Frankly, powder actuated tools are very dangerous. So, you shouldn’t keep them ready for you to use beforehand. Instead, only fill the gun up once you’re ready to get to work.

If you’ve filled it up and someone walks into your space, meddling with the gun- they could get incredibly hurt. Therefore, it’s essential that you avoid such a situation from arising.

You can further prevent such harm from taking place by keeping the tool away from prying hands, such as in a locked room or container along with other dangerous items used in construction.

Is It Broken?

If you suspect that the tool is broken, you need to stay away from it. By using the damaged gun, the nail could easily ricochet from the material you’ve tried to work with, injuring you in the process.

That’s why you should give the tool to the dealer, getting it fixed immediately instead of trying and working with it.

Are You Wearing Protection?

You must wear safety goggles when you’re working with a powder actuated tool. This is as the gun could chip off materials when shot such as concrete or even metal. As the pieces are flying about, they could stab your eyes which would put you in a horrible situation.

Along with safety goggles, you may have to wear ear muffs. The gun is extremely loud so if you’re not wearing the muffs, you’ll deaden yourself over time. Thankfully, a lot of these tools come with a silencer, although this makes them more expensive than their counterparts that do not offer this feature.

Are You Giving Out A Warning?

You don’t have to, but it’s a general rule that you give out a vocal warning whenever you’re firing a load from the gun. This keeps people away from the material that’s being shot at which saves you from getting someone hurt.

Is It Clean?

Before you fire the gun, you need to check its insides thoroughly. With this inspection, you’ll be able to see if there’s anything obstructing the barrel, not letting the gun properly fire its load.

This can be dangerous as the bullet could ricochet, hitting you or someone else in the room.

As you can see, there are many things you have to consider if you’re about to purchase a powder-actuated tool. It is quite dangerous, so if you follow the above points, you should have no problem with it.

Hopefully, you enjoyed the article, finding its information useful and utilising its points in the near future.

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