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The hectic pace of life that we lead prevents us from spending time taking care of ourselves as we would like. And this makes maintaining a healthy lifestyle always a difficult goal to achieve and to which we always aspire.  Now is the time to take measures to take care of yourself and to introduce healthy habits in your life.

Reduce your stress and anxiety levels

Stress is a natural way for the body to react to specific situations; especially those situations that are beyond your control such as a new experience, a challenge or a trauma. However, if your body is under continuous stress for a prolonged period of time, this can cause health problems on a physical and mental level, more commonly known as chronic stress. Try to invest your time and mind in doing things that supports you to relax and divert yourself. You can start doing yoga, Pilates, meditation, mindfulness or breathing exercises. 

Moderate coffee consumption 

If you are a coffee lover, this may be impossible, but this drink, being exciting, is not the most appropriate if you have anxiety. Consuming more coffee than necessary will make you more nervous and active than you should. You might feel too congested in your home so if you’re under lockdown these days, it could cause anxiety. Better choose to drink teas as they will give you the energy you need without the powerful effect of coffee. Also keep drinking water for an overall health system.

Follow a stable diet, prioritizing veggies and fruits

Avoid processed foods and those that contain saturated fats and added sugars. It does not do any good for your health; it only increases your cholesterol level. Ditch the French fries and candy bars. Make sure to include olive oil and foods rich in fibre and vitamins A, B6, C, D, and E in your meals.

For example, try to eat more fruits and vegetables, legumes and nuts. If you don’t like eating them, make smoothies out of fruits and vegetables rich in nutrients. You might hate eating broccoli or can’t stand the smell of durian musang. However, when made a smoothie, you won’t even taste these individually yet will reap all nutrients of them.

Reduce alcohol consumption

It is very tempting if you’re at home or with friends to open a beer or wine and some potatoes. One day is good, two is fine but be careful to make it routine and, above all, be careful not to do it more than once a day. Heavy alcohol consumption can suppress your immune system, disrupt sleep, throw hormone levels out of control, and increase the chances of cardiovascular disease. 

Get regular exercise

Doing any type of physical activity is beneficial for you because one of the many benefits it brings is the activation of the immune system. It will help control your weight and keep you fit and good looking too. Take a run, do intense workouts for 15 minutes, take the stairs rather than the elevator, take a walk in the park in the evenings, any sort of physical activity is worthwhile.


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