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Babies are adorable, if you have a friend who has given birth recently you might want to get them something to celebrate the occasion. There are many things you can get. Unless they are things that are needed in excess consulting the parents before getting a gift is good because you don’t want to get the same sort of gift somebody else has gotten, if your friend has got a car seat for her baby there is no use of you getting the same thing.

Baby Clothes

One of the things you can get are baby clothes you can never have enough of them. Get different sorts of clothes like onesies with cute messages and napkins. Depending on the gender you can get Disney themed clothes as well. Look into the material carefully and buy because baby’s skin are sensitive certain materials may erupt a reaction on their skin.

Baby Diapers

Diapers are one of the essential things a mother would need, she’d have to change diapers many times in a day so she will find that useful.

Baby Care Products

Curate a white gift box with baby skin care essentials, like baby body wash, shampoo, body lotion, baby powder, and baby oil. When you are shopping for this make sure you get hypoallergenic one that is dermatologically tested. You can even consider gifting a baby bath tub.


Mothers love to capture the beautiful moments with their baby to cherish for a long time, you can consult photographers and cross check with your friend’s schedule so she is available that day and have a photoshoot with the baby.


Mothers often feel very tired because they would have had to stay up and feed the baby so they are exhausted during the day and would appreciate a good meal. One thing you can do is deliver home cooked food to her house. Research about food that are good for breastfeeding mothers and what food to avoid because certain food may lead to the baby being fussy with feeding or you can get groceries and go to your friend’s place and cook for her there. You can also do grocery shopping for your friend and she will appreciate it very much.

Comfy Clothes

Most of the time mothers are going to spend their day in pajamas as it is very easy and comfortable. So, another thing you can get her are nice pajamas, get ones that are cute or have beautiful designs.

Food Baskets

Fill a basket with different kinds of food, fruits, quick snacks, granola bars and give it to her. Mothers are often busy and tired and get hungry soon so snacks like this can fix her up.

Pampering Session

Mothering can be a new experience or it might not be the first time regardless mothers deserve some time to relax so nothing becomes overwhelming, another gift you can consider giving is to book a spa session while you take care of the baby for some time so the mother can just relax and feel rejuvenated.

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