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A roller shutter is a type of door or window system consisting of horizontal slats which are securely hinged with each other. They are widely used in both domestic and industrial setting due to the convenience and additional security it provides. Aside from that, they also provide insulation from extreme heat and cold of the outside environment.

Roller shutters are perfect investments to your building or home. To keep them running in good condition, here are some simple maintenance tips worth reading.

Keep Them Clean

One of the most common issues of shutters is jamming or not closing well. This is mainly caused by dust or dirt build-up in between the slats. If you find that your door or window roller shutters has this problem, simply turn them into the vented position and clean it with a soapy sponge and water. Make sure that you cleaned all the surfaces, especially those hard to reach edges. It is best to do this every 4 months to keep them working properly.

No to Sticky Lubricants

For older shutters, applying a lubricant on the guides helps a lot in making them run smoothly. Avoid sticky or silicon-based lubricants since they attract dirt and cause jamming in the long run. Instead, pick anti-static lubricant sprays for best effects.


Products containing methylated spirits are the best choice if you want to polish your roller shutters. They are effective in removing stubborn dirt and grime but aren’t harsh enough to damage the paint. This leaves them looking shiny as new.

Never Leave Items under the Shutters or the Sills

Having anything stuck in the roller shutters can cause damage or dents to the slats. It can also ruins its up and down limits. To prevent this problem, avoid leaving things in the window sill. Always check under the shutter before closing it. It is also recommended to check the exterior part after a storm to see if there are no items blown in by the wind.

Keep Check of the Batteries

Most of the roller shutters are remote operated. You’ll know the controller has run out of batteries if its light stopped working. Changing them is pretty easy.

Use It Regularly

Just like most things, letting them sit unused for too long may cause them get stuck up. If you’re roller shutter is installed on seldom used areas, it is recommended to use them at least once a week to keep them in good running condition. Manuals shutters are prone to broken straps or jams in the winder box. You can simply replace or repair them but you might consider upgrading to electric shutters which are more convenient to use. They still provide the same security and privacy just like the manual ones.

Watch Out for Bugs

Insects such as wasps love making nests in the complex structure of a roller shutter. Make sure to check out for bugs especially during the warmer months of the year to avoid damaging the roller shutter.

Adequate care and maintenance surely lengthens the life of any product. Always remember these tips to ensure a properly working roller shutter.

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