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The COVID-19 pandemic certainly took the whole world by storm, and it has affected all of us by bringing our everyday lives to a standstill, confining us to our homes and forcing us to spend time in isolation. While scientists and virologists around the world are working tirelessly to find a cure for the virus, we must do our part by adhering to the set guidelines and regulations to flatten the curve. So, what can you do to spend this alone time in a more productive manner? Continue reading to learn about 5 such creative and fruitful ways you can spend your quarantine.

Maintain a Journal

Before isolation, we had work, family and other obligations clouding our minds 24/7, hardly giving us any time to be alone with our thoughts. However, now is the time for all of us to spend all the time we want with our thoughts, unlocking ideas you never knew you had and what better way to keep track of those priceless ideas than by keeping a journal for recording them?

Once all this “pandemic pandemonium” is behind us, you can revisit the thoughts from long ago by reading your very own journal and who knows, maybe hidden in those paragraphs is the breakthrough idea you’ve been waiting for all your life!

Teach Yourself A New Skill

Use the ample time you have now to learn a new skill that you have always wanted to teach yourself, but couldn’t for some reason. This could be anything that excites you from learning a new language or teaching yourself a new cooking style or even learning to play a new instrument.

If you have a drum set at home that you’ve never really played before because you couldn’t find the time, now is the chance. For example, These drum kits will certainly take a while to master and you will need all the help you can get to perfect the art. YouTube tutorials should be your master through this process and don’t forget to watch video lessons as much as possible.

Get Back in Shape

Let’s face it, we have all put on more than we’d care to admit during isolation by munching all day and not burning those excess calories. If you’ve had enough and want to do something about it, we recommend a workout routine.

The secret to a consistent and productive exercise regime is routine, and once you make it a mandatory part of your day, you will stick to it no matter what. If you have a few home workout equipment, this will certainly become more effective, but if you don’t, there are plenty of ways to give your body the exercise it needs without the use of any equipment.


Planting a seed in your backyard, nourishing it with just the right amount of nutrition, sun light and water and watching it slowly grow into a sturdy, fruitful plant is such a great feeling and successfully seeing a project of this nature till completion can be extremely satisfying.

You will of course have to do a fair bit of research on gardening so that you can learn about plants that grow best in your terrain, the level of attention you must give them, what kind of fertilizer works best and how you can keep the annoying pests away from the planation.


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