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The Murray River is the longest in Australia, at a length of approximately 2500 KM. The mighty river is one of the longest navigable rivers in the World, starting from the Mountains in North-Eastern Victoria to the South of Australia. The region spans over three states; Victoria, New South Wales, and South Australia. It passes through forests and mountains, creating a home to a handful of wildlife, marine life, birds, and reptiles.

About Murray River:

Back in the days in the 1800s, it was the most occupied and busiest river as it was used as a trading route. The Murray River now has it all changed. It is the main water supply for over 1.5 million houses domestically. The river has fourteen dams, fifteen traversable connections, and sixteen large storage weirs. Being a water highway back in the days, it was also a hub spot for golfers. The Murray has over thirty-seven golf fields along its banks.

The 16th largest river in the World started taking its shapes 40 million years ago. It was due to the water force through the geophysical uplifting. It is a river which has countless characters of historic beauty and modern mightiness.In 1821, the Murray River was first discovered by explorers William H. Hovell and Hamilton H. Hume.

As mentioned above, there are numerous amounts of species in the river basin. Thus, to mention a few, there are black swans, Koalas, emus, Western Grey Kangaroos, and Perch. However, the list is long. 

A vacation in The Murray River: 

It is no doubt; the Murray River is full of experience! One can have a diversified adventurous vacation for sure. Their food, cruises, water activities, family activities, golfing, and historical insights are a highlight to anyone visiting.The location satisfies any age with its bounty offerings. Find yourself a perfect Murray river accommodation to relax during the night time while you spend your daytime exploring.   

Things to do in the Murray River:

The best way to discover the river is to go for a long ride. The local drive allows you to witness the beauty at its best, passing through stunning sceneries and farmlands of the three states.

To experience the best kayaking and canoeing experience, one should try it out on the Murray River. The long ride, amidst the silent and peaceful waters, allows you to experience serenity on another level.

There are many species of marine life in this river. Hence, to name a few, there are the blackfish, Murray cod, catfish, trout, and many more. The best part is, one can do the fishing activity here. Catch some for a delicious dinner! Though, the tricky job is not to catch a carp. If you catch one, you will be fined. Moreover, you cannot return it to the waters as they are a pest that destroys other marine habitats.

If you have little ones in the family, the region offers them playgrounds and interactive stations. Thus, they can make the maximum out of this holiday. Also, there are camping sites for an adventurous getaway.

However, whether it be a romantic getaway or a holiday with families, The Murray river has every solution for you. 


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