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Pallet racking is a system of stacking your inventory in the warehouse. A good racking system allows you to store more products in your warehouse in an organized manner. Aside from that, it also gives easy access to any item from the pallet to the door. A great racking system is one of the secrets to keeping up with the competition in the market. An efficient inventory system speeds up facility and turnover of products, which in turn increases your profits. Read along to learn more about different types of pallet racking systems.

Single Deep Rack

This is the most commonly used racking system in warehouses. Since it is only one pallet deep, you can easily access any item from the stack without moving the others. It makes product transfer faster because it can be used in tandem with any lift truck. Complete your warehousing needs with Better Storage pallet racking solutions. They offer a variety of safe and efficient racking systems to choose from, depending on your needs.

Double Deep Rack

As the name implies, it is twice deeper than the previous type which allows you to store more items in it. However, your access is only limited to the items in the front column. To make it easier, most warehouses use first-in/last-out system for a smoother inventory flow. Others store the same items in one slot.

Drive-in Rack

This is commonly used in warehouses that store huge numbers of the same product. A bay can hold more than 4 pallets deep which makes a dense storage. This racking system doesn’t use beams across the bays to make the products more accessible to lift trucks. Warehouse managers use the first-in/last-out system in arranging the items on the racks since lift tricks can only access the front part of the bay.

Drive-Through Rack

Its storage style is almost the same as the drive-in rack. They only differ in accessibility because in this racking system, lift trucks can get products from either side of the bay. This racking system has two aisles, both the front and the back of the structure.

Gravity Flow Rack

This storage system is perfect for dated products that need first-in/first-out rotation. In this racking system, pallets roll down from the back part of the rack via a roller conveyor to the front. Each layer is dedicated only to one type of item making it perfect for dense warehouses.

Push-back Rack

Unlike the gravity flow rack that uses engineering to move products, this one simply works as the first pallet being pushed by the next one being loaded. Warehouses that use this type employ the last-in/first-out storage system because there is no access to the rear part of the structure.

Tips to Get the Most of Your Storage Space

Here are additional tips to help maximize your storage.

  • Differentiate high-flow and low-flow products – Use easy access pallet racking for high-flow products.
  • Arrange pallet racks in long rows to maximize space.
  • Calculate warehouse storage efficiency.

Choosing the right pallet stacking system is one of the essential factors of a good warehouse operation. Understanding your product inventory plus great organization surely makes a productive business.


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