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In life, various events come up where we have to gift another person with something of value. “Of value” does not mean expensive. This is something people need to understand. Value and the price of a product are two things. If your infant gives you a birthday gift of art he drew on a crumpled paper, it won’t be worth even a penny in the market. But you will of course agree that it is the most valuable gift you have ever gotten in your life.

Know the Person

When you are gifting someone, you have to know what they prefer, what their likes and dislikes are and especially what they hate. When it’s your friend’s birthday, you pop in to the store at the last moment and buy a book, only to find out later that he or she does not read as a practice. It is not going to be a thoughtful gift. Gift giving is an art itself.

So, if you have a friend so-inclined, who usually sees very minute, fine things in whatever they get, you might be a bit skittish when it comes to giving them a gift. However, it is through no fault of theirs that they are very observant. Most people who are in to this are very careful and quick to notice things. Therefore, make sure your friend likes something when you are choosing that as a gift for him or her.

What Can You Go For?

In general, there are some art inspired things that you can give as a gift to that friend. Most probably they will love and wear a lot of jewellery. You can buy something unique from the stores easily, but how about if you try to DIY something at home? Even if it does not come out as neat as a store-bought jewellery item, it would be very much valuable to your friend and s/he will keep it as a treasured item. Just go on the internet and search for DIY jewellery and you will get an array of ideas.

Art Supplies

If your friend is a painter or someone who does paintings, phone cover designs, dried flower works and so on, art supplies could be of value to them. For example you can get an art board which your friend can use for several projects.

If it is difficult for you to go from shop to shop looking for that, you can easily use the internet and find a supplies store at which you can choose the size of the board and buy it online. They will deliver it to your friend’s doorstep. Other supplies such as paint, crayons, brushes and fabric painting etc. can be of use as well.

If you are going for brushes or ink, make sure you wrap it nicely. Even if you buy the actual gift from a shop, you can use a newspaper to wrap it, some rope to have a bow made and maybe stick some dried flowers on it. Artsy people appreciate even the smallest attempt made by us, not-so-artsy guys to impress them with little things.


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