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Gift giving is a way to show we care; it is an enjoyable and heart-warming way to show someone you appreciate and care for them. Gift giving happens at all ages and for various reasons. While some are for an occasion and others are for sentimental value, when it comes to giving a child gifts it is always more enjoyable.

There is a good chance a toddler might not grow up remembering the gift you got them but seeing them happily tear open a present is always a nice surprise. Unlike back in the day, there are a variety of options these days within different categories; here are some to help you out.

Building blocks or Lego

The first years of a toddler are vital for his or her development. It is in this age that they pick up and practice basic skills. They go into development of their fine motor skills and while education is also important it is vital that a child learns basic movement.

Building blocks, Lego and other toys such as this help them fix and build that develops muscle and brain movement. While we may not understand just how important them fixing Lego is, it builds their creativity and thinking ability. It is during these years that they pick up hobbies and interest.

Paint or crayons

There isn’t a child who does not like scribbling across surfaces with paint or crayons. This may be slightly messy for whoever is cleaning up but your toddler needs to let their creative side out. Giving them the ability to scribble, or paint and mix colours lets them be creative. This is ideal for kids who seem to have an artistic side and who enjoy time with paint and drawing. It is a colourful and fun gift to receive and any child would love it.


We all had a soft toy we grew up with, that special toy we took with us everywhere and probably still have it with us. Girls would love a soft toy doll and boys will like toy cars. There is a range of different soft toys to choose from cartoons, movies and TV shows. Action figures are too a great gift idea and are suitable if the child is especially interested in a particular character.


Most of us had jigsaw puzzles growing up, we had to re-create the image on the cover and it was always super fun. You might need to watch your child during this as puzzle pieces are generally very small but it is a great idea to help them think.

It improves brain memory, thinking skills and the ability to piece together just by looking at a picture. This can even be played by two or more kids and is guaranteed a fun activity.

Toddlers should be allowed to explore and try new things as much as possible, as much as education is important it is at this age, they pick up new skills, interests and learn about different things.


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