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Every building has its own story to tell. In new buildings, everything seems to work perfectly fine. As time goes by, it reaches the stage where the owner is faced with various problems that come with the age of the structure. We easily get attached to a building especially if it served as home. We always wanted to do everything just to bring it back in its perfect condition, just like the good old days.

Rising Damp and Lateral Damp

Rising damp is the moisture that seeps in from the ground up to the walls of a building. On the other hand, lateral damp happens when water from the outside seeps through the wall which sometimes pools on the inner floors. Moisture is one of the most damaging factors on a house. It causes wooden structures to rot while eating away the brick or concrete structures. Early detection and repair of these issues help a lot in maintaining building foundation.


If the moisture is not caused by the two problems above, it’s coming somewhere else. A thorough investigation is needed to determine the source of the leak. This includes cutting through walls, inspecting cavities on brick walls, checking window and door flashing and investigating through flooding balcony. If you’re one of the people who face this issue, there’s no need to worry. Services like Combined Building specialize in remedial building solutions, so there’s no need to look further if you want your building issues fixed.


Waterproofing a building prevents water to enter the structure. It also keeps the moisture on wet areas in one place. From leaking bathrooms, showers, pools to balconies, their trained staff surely can provide the real fix and not just some short-term remedy.

Concrete Cancer

This refers to the condition where the concrete foundations of a building become weak and rot away. Poor quality of work during the construction process is one cause. Sometimes, it originates from poorly reinforced concrete cover. This problem is also common on buildings and houses near coastal areas since the high salt content in the air contributes to the corrosion of concrete over time. This problem can be expensive to repair if not treated immediately due to the expanse of the damage it deals.

Facade Restoration

This deals with maintaining a building’s exterior aesthetic value. Lots of factors can contribute to its deterioration such as moisture, pollutants, heat or faulty construction design. Maintaining the beauty of a building or home adds value to it. Aside from that, it also looks pleasing to look at especially when it’s a business establishment.

Render and Plaster

These two techniques work well in restoring the walls of your home. Plastering is done on the interior walls while rendering for the exterior. This is perfect for walls that are stained or damaged especially by moisture.

Maintaining a building requires expert hands that do it right. With all those available services, you surely can have your building looking and functioning just like when it was new.

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